Justina Zymonaitė
Justina Zymonaite
Jewellery artist

Justina Zymonaite

Jewellery artist

+370 621 61757

About Me

I am Justina Zymonaitė. Born 1988 10 27 in Utena, Lithuania.

For me, jewellery firstly is a connection between body and object, between body and surroundings, between maker and wearer, between wearer and viewer. Those connections are the direction I am interested in and working with.

2007-2011 BA of design, jewellery, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Telšiai Faculty.

2010 01 18- 2010 06 04 studied in Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm as an exchange student. See jzymonaite.blogas.lt/

Solo Exhibition

2007 06-07 Personal exhibition of ceramic works and jewellery in Utena.

Latest exhibition

2011 11 19-12 25 ITAMI International Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition 2011
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